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Adirondack North Country Scenic Byways
“Spectacular scenery unlike any
other in the Northeast.”

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Wilder Homestead near Malone

The NYS Zoo at Thompson Park near Watertown

The view of Griffin Gorge and waterfall is well worth the trip, a few miles north of the Rt 8 and 30 intersection between Speculator and Wells on the Adirondack Trail

Scenery & Wildlife

Visitors to the region describe the scenery as beautiful. The picturesque views of lakes and rivers along with the panoramic views of mountain peaks and valleys create scenery unrivaled in the Northeast. The one million wilderness acres at the center of the region are so designated for a good reason. You have to travel to the far Western US states or Alaska to see such a broad expanse of comparable scenery.

The Adirondack North Country of New York State is a patchwork of lowland boreal bogs, high alpine habitats, and upland boreal forests mingled with an abundance of wetlands, hardwood forests, and open grasslands. Rare boreal bird species such as the Bicknell’s Thrush, Three-toed Woodpecker, and Spruce Grouse have found a special place here. Migrating bird species from the far north winter here, and hundreds more pass through the region on their way south. Deer are abundant in certain locations and bear, moose, fisher, and river otter are among the animals that can be seen if you know where to look and are in the right place at the right time.

And when it comes to enjoying the scenery at night, just about anywhere along the Scenic Byways is the right place for stargazing because light pollution is at a minimum in many locations. Someone remarked that you haven’t lived until you’ve looked up at the night ski from a dock in the Adirondacks.

Adirondack North Country Scenic Byway Scenery & Wildlife attractions include:


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iconic imageOlympic Byway

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