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Wilder Homestead near Malone

The NYS Zoo at Thompson Park near Watertown

Town of Webb surrounding the Old Forge area is a land of lakes and what a great way to see what the Adirondacks are all about

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Jessup River Wild Forest

Central Adirondack Trail and Adirondack Trail, State Rt. 28, near Indian Lake in Hamilton County

The Jessup River Wild Forest area consists of 47,350 acres of State Forest Preserve lands in the towns of Arietta, Indian Lake, Lake Pleasant, and Wells in Hamilton County.

Access is from Route 30 and the Perkins Clearing road, which traverse the area, and from the Moffitt Beach and Lewey Lake Campgrounds. The Wild Forest is bounded by Route 28 to the north and Route 30 in the southeast, as well as three wilderness areas: West Canada Lakes Wilderness to the west; Siamese Ponds Wilderness to the east, and Silver Lake Wilderness to the south. The state lands in this unit border, or are in close proximity to, the communities of Indian Lake, Piseco, Speculator and Wells. Route 30 bisects the unit and serves as the main access corridor. Many people enjoy hiking to the fire towers on Pillsbury and Snowy mountains, snowmobiling between Piseco Lake and Indian Lake, canoeing on Fall Stream, or camping on Mason Lake. Hunting, fishing, and trapping are also popular activities throughout the unit but particularly in and around Perkins Clearing, the Jessup River and the Miami River. Long popular with hunters, trappers and fishermen, the interspersion of private woodlands with state ownership has made this area a top producer of fish and wildlife. The Jessup and Miami Rivers have long been known as good trout producers. Numerous logging roads and trails are open to foot travel. The Pillsbury Mountain summit, from which a vast view of lakes and forest may be obtained, offers a particularly enjoyable hike.

Closest Community:

Indian Lake

Closest Byway:Central Adirondack Trail and Adirondack Trail
Distance from Byway:remote
Closest Route #:State Rt. 28
Months Occurring:january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november and december
Best Season:spring, summer, fall and winter
Indoors or Outdoors:outdoor
Admission Fee:no
URL:Jessup River Wild Forest website


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